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Focus On: Personal Style Blogs

The Daily Post

A few years ago, I read an essay by a young writer who claimed that posting photos of her outfits on her personal style blog had given her the confidence to write bolder, better fiction. “Ridiculous!” I thought, and clicked through to look at her blog. Then, I looked through all of her archives. Then, I checked out all the blogs in her blogroll. And I’ve been reading personal style blogs ever since.

I’m not sure why I find them so fascinating. I’m certainly no fashion plate. Perhaps it’s partly aspirational – I do sometimes wish I could dress better. Perhaps it’s because, like food blogs, they elevate an often tiresome daily necessity (getting dressed) into something noteworthy and fun.

If you’re interested in blogging about style, here are a few things you can try to make your posts stand out:

  • Shoot in a variety of locations. Nobody wants to…

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